Car types

Economy car

Let's face it; Iceland isn't cheap and if you're not totally loaded you may want to prioritize your spendings, but yet be able to get around safely and efficiently. What we've done is to shrink the Cheap Jeep down to an economy sized car. A vehicle that does the job of getting you around the island. Perhaps not luxorious, but all in all the type of car most people drive to work every day all over the world. As we are not in the business of renting wrecks, these cars are newish and the model on offer will vary from time to time depending on what we may have for you. It'll be the Tin-Can de jour!

Doors 3, Seats 4, Luggage space small, Fuel gasoline, Engine 1000 cc, Transmission manual.

Hyundai i20

Check out the i20. You'll find the sleek design very easy on the eye. Just look at the smooth curves, sleek lines and body-coloured bumpers and you might just find it's love at first sight.

A long wheelbase not only gives the i20 an athletic, confident stance, it gives you more space inside. While the i20 is still small enough to cut through traffic and nip into parking spaces, there's plenty of seating and storage space for whatever you're carrying - friends, family, luggage or all three.

The i20 gives you the highest levels of protection, thanks to the engineering quality of its suspension, brakes, body structure and personal safety systems.

Doors 3, Seats 5, Luggage space medium, Fuel gasoline, Engine 1400cc, Transmission manual.

Hyundai i30 or similar

The Hyundai i30 was designed to keep you moving and leave boredom behind. Nimble handling and the most interior room for a vehicle in its class, the affordable, versatile i30 is an easy-to-drive car that gives your sensible side plenty to smile about.

Hyundai i30 doesn't just have more interior room than the class-above Toyota Corolla or the Honda Civic, it has the most interior space of any vehicle in its class. And unlike a great many other cars, the rear seat won't remind passengers of the penalty box at a hockey rink.

It's also thoughtfully green, yet powerful and efficient. Its remarkable quality and reliability come not just from its engineering, but its top-notch construction as well.

Doors 5, Seats 5, Luggage space medium. Fuel gasoline. Engine 1400 cc. Transmission manual.

Suzuki Swift or similar

Meet Mr. Easy: Easy to drive. Easy to park. Easy to load up. Easy on the eye. Easy on the budget. Cars just don't come more easy going than the SWIFT. You get the drift...

A big plus about the SWIFT is its big interior. You definitely won't need a shoehorn to get in here. Or a chiropractor to get out. In fact, spending time inside the SWIFT feels rather good and that makes all the difference on your cruise around Iceland.
It's sporty, sweet and spirited. You'll see what we mean.

Doors 5, Seats 5, Luggage space small, Fuel gasoline, Engine 1300 cc, Transmission automatic.

Mazda 6 station automatic or similar

Whereas other cars of this size can feel, well, a bit dull, the Mazda6 knows exactly what it means to have a great time. At its heart is Mazda's sports car approach to life.

This is a car for those with an unashamed passion for driving. It's equally happy providing smooth consistency on the motorways as it is showing off its handling and balance on bendy B-roads. It really is a car to enjoy.

Thanks to class-leading aerodynamics and a lightweight body structure, the Mazda6 is also amongst the cleanest and most economical in its class.

Mazda 6 is a car which stands out in a crowded car-park. Just be ready for the envious looks.

Doors 5, Seats 5, Luggage space large, Fuel gasoline, Engine 2000 cc, Transmission automatic.

Chrysler Town & Country or similar

Town & Country has plenty of room for seven to travel in comfort and style. Families and groups will find the Chrysler Town & Country a more manageable and spacious hauler than most, with 2-2-3 seating layout and right-side power sliding door.

Locating the engine in the long nose not only puts all the room where it is needed in the back, but acts as extra crash protection. Safety equipment extends to ABS, childproof locks and dual front airbags.

It's safe, it's spacious and it's a pleasant drive. Are you all in?

Doors 5, Seats 7, Luggage space large, Fuel gasoline, Engine 3600 cc, Transmission automatic.

Suzuki Jimmy or similar

Everyone who drives it falls in love with it. Compact dimensions, generous standard equipment and an efficient 1.3 litre engine make the Jimny ideal urban transport. But with its real 4x4 technology, you can go just about anywhere your sense of adventure leads you.

When you're heading for the wilderness of Iceland you need a real 4x4. The Jimni is definetly the genuine article - and has the awards to prove it. The things that make the Jimny so capable in the rugged come in handy around town, too. A high driving position, plenty of ground clearance and world-beating 4x4 technology are just what you need on busy potholed streets. And with its distinctive looks and top-drawer standard equipment, the Jimny is the car you really can take anywhere.

Doors 3, Seats 4, Luggage space small, Fuel gasoline, Engine 1600 cc, Transmission manual.

Huyndai Tucson or similar

In theory, the SUV was a sensible choice: more room for your cargo, more ground clearance when roads are snowy or unpaved, and more traction when climbing slippery hills. It's the trade-offs that make traditional midsize SUVs a less ideal choice: poor fuel economy, high rental price, and difficulty maneuvering and parking.

The Hyundai Tucson is the smallest CUV in the Hyundai lineup, but you wouldn't think so given its airy cabin, comfortable seating and the long list of standard and available equipment. In fact, you might just begin to think that smaller is, in fact, better.

To differentiate the Hyundai Tucson from the small CUVs on the road. Tucson offers the best of both worlds, combining the rugged utility of an SUV with the maneuverability and refinement of a car. It's time for you to experience it.

Doors 5, Seats 5, Luggage space medium, Fuel gasoline, Engine 2000 cc, Transmission manual

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Sport utility vehicles dream of climbing mountain trails, forging high-country streams and slogging through bumper-deep powder snow.

With its tough body-on-frame design, torquey V6 engine, generous ground clearance, and available electronically controlled push-button four-wheel-drive system with low-range gearing, the Suzuki Grand Vitara successfully tackles the most rugged path.

Top-rated crash protection and amenities rivaling some of the more expensive SUVs.

Doors 5, Seats 5, Luggage space large, Fuel gasoline, Engine 2000 cc, Transmission automatic.

Toyota Landcruiser 120

The Toyota Land Cruiser 120 is a good choice for those who want luxury and capability in one and the same vehicle. It is a super-smooth cruiser on the road and can go virtually anywhere off the beaten path. The Land Cruiser 120 has everything expected of a Toyota, heavenly power steering makes for quick and light steering in parking situations, and it becomes heavier at highway speeds.

It conveys a Lexus-like feeling, with a spacious and roomy cabin that doesn't skimp out on head, shoulder and leg room. This is then topped off with an immense Luggage space.

Doors 5, Seats 5, Luggage space large, Fuel diesel, Engine 3000 cc, Transmission automatic.

Chevrolet Suburban

For maximum cargo room no SUV can match, fold down the seats for a cavernous cargo area with over 146cu. ft. of space. Six passengers, no problem. You have over 100 cu. ft. behind the second-row seats. Nine passengers 48 cu. ft. behind the third-row seats. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and weight distribution.

Suburban's many available seating configurations allow for 7,8, or 9 passengers.

The extra-large Suburban takes the safety of smaller vehicles into consideration with its patented BlockerBeamª. In the event of a frontal collision, the BlockerBeamª helps prevent smaller vehicles from sliding under the front end of the larger Suburban.

Doors 5, Seats 7-8, Luggage space large, Fuel diesel, Engine 6000 cc, Transmission automatic.

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