How to get to Iceland?

Nowadays, the cheapest way to go to Iceland is to book a flight or a ferry yourself, on the internet. Therefore, we recommend that you book this yourself, because it is in most cases very simple and that saves you quite a bit of money.

If sailing appeals to you, you should check out the Norröna ferry, which goes from Denmark via the Faeroe Islands to Iceland, arriving once a week to East Iceland. The website is

If you want to take a flight, you have many different options:

Icelandair flies from London, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Manchester, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Boston, New York and Seattle all year around, and in the summer time there are also flights from Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Stavanger, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Milan and Munich. Part of the year there are also flights from Minneapolis / St. Paul, Toronto, Orlando, Halifax and Helsinki.

Iceland Express flies from: London (Gatwick airport), Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw all year around, while there are summer flights from Aalborg, Alicante, Barcelona, Basel, Billund, Bologna, Eindhoven, Frankfurt (Hahn airport), Friedrichshafen, Gothenburg, Geneva, Krakau and Paris. Also, there are flights from Copenhagen to Akureyri (North Iceland) in the summer.

Other airlines that provide flights to Iceland in the summertime are:

Air Berlin:
German Wings:

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