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How to travel to Iceland?

You can fly to Iceland, or you can take the ferry Norröna. In most cases, it is very easy to book your flights yourself on the internet, and in most cases it is cheaper if you book it yourself. For flights with Air Berlin and for the ferry Norröna, we can offer you very good fares and we advise you to book them with us, but for other companies, we advise you to book flights yourselves. However, if you would like some assistance with it, we can take care of booking your flights for a small fee.

The following airlines fly to Iceland:

All year from: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle.
Seasonal from: Minneapolis / St. Paul, Toronto, Orlando, Halifax and Helsinki.
Summertime only from: Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Stavanger, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Milan and Munich

Iceland Express:
All year from: London (Gatwick and Stansted airports), Copenhagen, Berlin, Warsaw and New York.
Summer from: Aalborg, Alicante, Barcelona, Basel, Billund, Bologna, Boston, Chicago, Frankfurt (Hahn airport), Friedrichshafen, Gothenburg, Geneva, Krakau, Milano, Luxembourg, Oslo, Rotterdam, Paris, Warsaw and Winnipeg.
Winter (selected dates): Innsbruck and Alicante.
Iceland Express also operates flights (summer-time only) between Copenhagen and Akureyri.

Air Berlin*:
Summertime only: Düsseldorf, München, Stuttgard, Hamborg, Berlin, Zürich and Vienna.

Summertime only from: New York

You can sail to Iceland, and even bring your own car with the ferry Norröna*
Norröna sails to Iceland from Hirtshals in Denmark, every week from early in April until late in October.

* Remember: we can offer you good deals for flights with Air Berlin, or for the Norröna ferry.

Arriving to Keflavik airport

Booked accommodation = freedom and security

Our self-drive trips are designed carefully, with the goal of creating a balanced program with lots of wonderful things to see and to do. You choose the program that suits you best, the hotel category you prefer, and the type of car you want to hire. You can add excursions, such as whale watching trips, snowmobile tours, river rafting and horse riding. Then, we book the accommodation of your chosen category in the areas specified in each program, as well as the car and excursions if you have chosen any.

You receive a very detailed itinerary from us (In English, Danish, Dutch or German), including the addresses of your hotels and information on how to find them. The itinerary leads you along all interesting places and tells you exactly how to get there, so you won't miss anything.

Obviously, you can make detours or follow a different route and you can decide for yourself where you want to spend a lot of time on a particular day and where you want to take just a quick look – if that is what you prefer. But you do not have to waste any time looking for a place to stay overnight, because we have already taken care of it. Finding a hotel is something that, particularly in high season, can be quite a time-consuming job, and during your holiday that is not what you want to do with your time. Your hotels are all booked and confirmed, but you have lots of freedom to spend your time every day in the way you like best.

Hótel Flúðir

Car rental

Usually, you pick up your car at the airport, upon arriving to Iceland, and by the end of your trip you return it there as well. There are many different car types available. We book your car for you and provide you with a voucher, which includes the rental fee, unlimited mileage and CDW.

If you want to purchase an extra insurance, you can do so when you pick up the car. That is also when you pay for all other extra services, such as the airport fee, the fee for extra drivers if there are more people than one who will drive the car, and the rental of a child seat or other equipment.

Keflavik airport


In hotel and guesthouse accommodation, breakfast is always included. Other meals are not included. On you way, you will find many shops, cafeterias and restaurants, and it is never difficult to find a place where you can get something to eat. There are quite a few hotels, that offer wonderful buffet dinners, which are a culinary delight.


We provide all our clients with the following documents: 

  • A detailed itinerary of their trip, including addresses of the booked accommodations and directions on how to get there
  • A set of vouchers for all booked services such as accommodation, excursions, car rental

Blueberry and moss

How to book?

Click on “Book Now”, select the trip you would like to make, the type of accommodation you would like to choose and the car type you would prefer. We also need to know the names of all participants, and which room types you need. Obviously, we need a credit card number, and it is also quite important that you mention any special need you might have. This includes for example food allergies, wheelchair accessibility and other important and necessary features.

Dining room hótel Framtíð, Djúpivogur

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You can book your entire tour package to Iceland with Nordic Travel right now by simply opening the “Book Now” link above. Choose your tour, level of accommodation, type of rental car and any excursions you wish to take. Then, send us the no obligaton booking request with a valid email address and our North American representative will contact you and personally help design a vacation package that meets your individual needs.  If you have questions concerning your flight to Iceland, we will happily assist you or  simply use to find the flights that best suit your needs.

Additional information can be found by clicking on the “Our Prices” link above. If you would like further assistance, please call our USA sales representative, Mrs. Cheryl Hill, she will be happy to assist you with your travel plans and to answer any questions you may have.